Small business ideas for Nigerian students and youths in 2022

Education used to be the key to success since you could find employment even before you finished school, but that is no longer the case, especially for Nigerian students.

Since Nigerian universities had been on strike for months, we found ourselves in a scenario where a 7-year course would instead take 11 years to complete.

While some kids are stranded and just struggling to survive, we have a lot of pupils at home doing nothing.

This article’s main goal is to inform us about small business ideas for Nigerian students, in which you can start with no or little funding.

1. Tutoring

Tutoring is a relatively simple and practical business enterprise that you can start as a student.
You can enroll in tutoring if you are most likely one of the bright ones.
You can launch your instruction by posting an ad on social media or by knocking on doors to distribute an advertisement.

2. Affiliate marketing

One of the century’s most lucrative businesses is this one. Most of the time, you won’t need capital to start this business, but on occasion—what I’ll call the best occasion—you might need to pay a small registration fee that a young person or student can manage.

In affiliate marketing, you assist a business or brand in promoting its products or services in exchange for a commission on any sales.

You may sign up for a lot of affiliate marketing programs here, including Learnoflix and Expernaire if you’re a Nigerian. You can read some posts about it to learn more about those affiliate marketing schemes.

3. Wig making

Today’s women lack the time to sit for five hours braiding or weaving their hair. They would rather purchase a wig and wear it however they choose.

However, I don’t see this as being lazy; rather, I see it as a chance to hire individuals who can make wigs.

One of the fantastic small enterprises we may start in our nation is the production and selling of wigs, and you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

You can start by only producing the wig when customers order it, and then you can subsequently begin producing them for sporadic sales and displays.

Unable to even make their hair, I’m sure many people are asking how they may launch a wig business.

4. Copywriting

Every time you read an ad copy or an internet advertisement, you’re struck by how competently the information has been written.

Some people earn a significant income from writing material. I’m telling you this because there is still room for you to join the department.

On Udemy, you can find courses on improving your copywriting skills. Even if you’ve never attempted writing one, this book will teach you everything you need to know about it.

5. Crypto trading

You did read it correctly. One of the fantastic business ideas I will suggest for a student in Nigeria is cryptocurrency trading.

According to what I understand about cryptocurrencies, you can become rich within hours or you can become poor within minutes. It completely depends on how intelligent and aware you are.

I will, however, advise anyone just getting started with cryptocurrency to engage in holding.

The cryptocurrency market is currently in what is known as a dip (a sharp fall), but for those with excellent vision, this is the ideal opportunity to invest in several coins that we know will eventually climb in value.

6. Forex trading

Forex trading is quite similar to cryptocurrency trading. Both of them have the potential to bring you both significant gains and substantial losses.

The only difference between trading coins in cryptocurrency and trading currencies on forex trading is that we trade coins in cryptocurrency, therefore if you can handle that, you can handle forex trading as well.

Before starting one of these two businesses, you should understand the words and terminologies necessary for success from an expert.

7. Website design

One of the most successful business ventures for young people in the contemporary day is website design.

Many businesses are looking for competent website managers and designers, and one of them might be you.

You don’t need to learn how to code to become a website designer if you don’t want to, but you can if you want to increase your value.

Instead, you should start by learning how to use WordPress and create a template.

You can check out udemy to get the greatest course that will explain everything you need to know about it if you want additional details on how to become an expert in website design.

8. Freelancing

Although freelancing is no longer something you need to be told about, there may still be some people who haven’t.

Offering services on a freelance platform, the two most well-known of which are Fiverr and Upwork is known as freelancing.

By selling your expertise on Fiverr for a price not less than $5, you can earn a lot of money.

Additionally, there is absolutely no startup cash required for this firm. All you need to stand out from the competition is a skill that you can give and a solid marketing plan because there are many professionals on every freelancing platform.

9. Cake making

Do you dislike cake? If yes, raise your hands. We’re all familiar with pastries, cakes, and cookies.

Because young people are known for their food combinations and cravings, baking is one of the most wonderful businesses you can start as a student.

You don’t require a lot to launch this business. All you need to do is visit YouTube to learn how to bake, purchase a great, moderate oven for only #15,000, and purchase some essential tools like a turntable, scale, spatula, skiver, and a variety of cake ingredients.

Giving away free cookies and cakes to those nearby is a good place to start. This is a method of practicing and establishing connections.

10. Selling of data

The size of the market affects how much a product sells. How much data have you used this month, ask yourself?

One of the most profitable businesses you can start as a student is a data provider.

The average monthly data usage among students and young people in Nigeria is #10,000.

You can pick from a variety of products in this market. You don’t require as many clients.

If you can get only ten of yours to purchase data from you, you will make #100,000 every month.

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