List Of Banks In Nigeria That Accepts PayPal

As we all know, the largest online wallet provider by a wide margin is PayPal, which provides services to a global market.

For Nigerian users of the platform, personal accounts opened in PayPal do not yet permit money transfers to Nigeria.

These personal accounts can be opened and are only be created but are restricted in withdrawing funds to your local bank accounts.
In 2018, Nigeria was part of the countries which the new update favoured as the service expanded to a large number of nations.

In 2018, it was made formally accessible to Nigerian citizens.
Yes, for Nigerian users, were able to transfer and withdraw funds to their local bank accounts.

This was only possible for people who open a business account for their organization which were located in Nigeria.

Currently, all transactions are made using US dollars (USD) on PayPal. The official currency of Nigeria, the naira, is not supported at this time. Since December 2018, Nigerian e-commerce merchants have had access to Business Accounts.

However, you cannot accept cash from another user directly; you may only do so through a website cart.

That’s just a short summary of all about Nigerian PayPal opening and restriction.

It simply means that only those who have business accounts opened on PayPal can have access to funds and are able to withdraw.

Also, personal accounts on PayPal cannot perform this operations.

You need to know that after requesting withdrawal from your business accounts on PayPal funds it doesn’t stop there.

You need to get the appropriate information on local Nigerian banks that accepts these PayPal funds.

It is important to know this so that you don’t make a mistake in getting your funds stuck somewhere.

The next subheading mentions eligible banks that accepts PayPal funds. Kindly take note of these banks.

List Of Banks In Nigeria That Accepts PayPal

As mentioned earlier, not all banks in Nigeria accepts PayPal funds to their accounts.

In this section, we’ll be listing banks in Nigeria that accepts PayPal funds.

1. Guarantee Trust Bank
2. First Bank
3. WEMA Bank
4. FCM Bank
5. Diamond Bank
6. UBA
7. Access Bank

Do well to walk into any of these banks mentioned above and get necessary information about how to get started before doing any transaction.

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