How to get an urgent loan in Nigeria without documentation

Do you want to take an urgent loan to solve a need but unfortunately you ain’t able to meet up with the paper demands from your bank and in turn, you end up not getting the loan?

We know how disappointing this could be so we will be putting you through how to get an urgent loan without any paper demands or documents of any type. They are easy to use, accessible, and very reliable.

Here is a list of where you can secure urgent loans without documentation.

  1. Fair money
  2. Carbon
  3. Branch
  4. New credit
  5. Quick check

1. Fair money

Fair money is the largest and most friendly mobile lending platform out there right now that can loan you up to a million naira at a start.

On registration, they offer you instant access to big loans without any document, with just your biometric verification number and bank account.

So what are you waiting for download the fair money app and get started?

2. Carbon

Carbon is the second-largest lending platform available now after fair money.

Carbon offers you loans with any paper, and at first, you can get a loan from 10 thousand to 50 thousand.

They are very trusted and reliable.

3. Branch

The branch is an old existing mobile lending that still can offer financial services to you without any documentation.

But for a start, the minimum amount one can access ranges from 1 to 5 thousand nairas.

As you build your credit score with then they can offer you a long up to a million, not at a start but a long time on your consistent use of their mobile app.

4. New credit loan

New credit offers financial services to you without any paper, and you can get a loan ranging from 10-50k at a start.

On your continued use of their mobile app, you can with time be able to access a 100k loan from them. They are trusted and reliable.

5. Quick check

A quick check is a nice lending platform owned by guarantee, and easy to use. They provide you with their financial services such as a loan and easy buy services on the go without any documentation.

You can get a loan ranging from 10k upward from a quick check at a start. They are reliable and friendly.

This is the last platform that can give. You an urgent loan without any paper or document we will be talking about in this article but not the least as will be writing more with time.

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