How to Get a Quick Loan in Minutes in Nigeria

Are you in need of cash for an impromptu project or expenses? Don’t panic as I’ll be showing you how to get a loan in minutes in Nigeria.
Some of us think getting a loan as fast as possible in Nigeria is impossible but I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. With the helps with some good apps, and Nigerians as been able to get loans without collateral within 5 minutes.
The folowing are things you will be needing for the apps before you can be eligible for any loan consideration.

1. Your BVN (bank verification number) – many as been in fear that once their BVN is known, then their account isn’t safe. I’m here to clear that because having your BVN doesn’t give me access to your bank accounts, it only gives me access to the details you registered with.
2. A phone with a good connection
3. Perfect working bank account

The following are apps you can use to get a loan in minutes in Nigeria.
1. Branch – The largest mobile banking and personal finance loan app in the world, Branch Loan App, gives you access to quick loans without any collateral or physical paperwork.
Branch makes it simple for customers in Nigeria to send money for free, acquire quick loans up to 500,000 Naira, and take advantage of investment rewards of 20% annually. Fill out their mobile loan application in a flash to start receiving better value.

2. Fairmoney – In Nigeria, Instant loans in only a few minutes and bill payments are available from Fairmoney, an authorized online lender.

How Do I Apply For A Loan From Fairmoney?

You must download the fairmoney lending application for Android from the Google Play store, register with your phone number and link it to your BVN, respond to a few questions, and verify your identification in order to obtain a loan offer.

3. Renmoney – Renmoney is a microfinance institution that is NDIC-insured and registered with the CBN. It’s a loan financier that markets itself as Nigeria’s top loan provider.

In Nigeria, they conveniently give loans ranging from N50,000 to N6 million naira to large and small business owners for personal use within minutes of application.

4. Creditdirect loan – With creditdirect loan offers, you can never go bankrupt again, whether you need money to pay your bills, go on vacation, buy that dream home or car, or any other purpose.

Sharp Sharp Lending, Cash to Go, Asset Finance, and Empower the Corps are some of the loan options they provide, and Upro received a 5 million naira loan from Upro in less than 30 minutes while in Nigeria.

5. FastCheck App
The Quickcheck loan app is there to make sure you never go bankrupt again when you need an urgent loan for any reason in Nigeria.

Anyone can apply without waiting in line or bringing a lot of paperwork; all you need is a smartphone and the Quickcheck app.

They have a simple loan application process with 3 steps:

Simply establish a profile, use the Quickcheck Loan app to apply for a loan, and receive money deposited into your account in a matter of minutes.

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