How to check jamb result on your phone and online in 2022

Before you find this article you have been searching online to know how you can check your recent just written jamb examination result, but to no avail or you just search and found this.

Then grab a bottle of malt and read on as I will be showing you how you can check your jamb result easily, and we wish you success in advance as you proceed to check your just concluded jamb result.

Jamb has introduced lots of new features to the system which also affect the result checking system.

I could recall 4 years ago when I wrote jamb and how I can easily check my result but today it now difficult.

But whatsoever the means now introduce by jamb it’s for your safety and good.

Here is how you check your jamb result

Via USSD code

First, you can check your jamb result by sending result as an SMS to 55019 with the same number you used for your profile registration or during registration.

If you have lost your mobile number. Go to the nearest customer service center of your network provider and retrieve it.

Jamb e-facility Result online checker

1. The second way on how you can check your jamb result is logging in to your jamb e-facility with the mail you use during your registration and the password provided to you during your biometric capture.

Please always endeavor to ask for those details you have the right to. This step works for me and I can recall how I used it to check my result four years back.

If you don’t know the password and have access to the mail then search e-facility online or visit and use the forget password button, follow the steps and create a new password and log in, then check your result.

2. The last step on how to check your jamb result is using the result online checker, but unfortunately, jamb doesn’t support this anymore or they delay before giving access to this feature to students. but you can still try.

In all, and a quick summary. sending results to 55019 is the best choice to get your result sent to you through SMS at the rate of 50naira per SMS.

If this doesn’t work try the second, And then the last step. And if still, you find it difficult to access your result then you visit the nearest jamb center or office near you or you call their hotline and get it resolved.

Thank you for reading, wishing you success in your academic endeavors.

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