How to chech NIN number on MTN in Nigeria

In this post I will be guiding you guys on how to check your national identity number aka nin on the mtn network.

It’s simple, fast, and easy and you will get all the necessary information you need at a go. so we will give you an entail detail on what the national identity number is and how you can get it on your MTN network.

So let’s get started

What is the national identity number nin?

The national identification number is simply a means of identification and serves the same purpose as the same biometric verification number.

It’s a number issued to Nigerians immediately after enrollment as a means of their identification across the country.

Not just that it has all your information stored on a database and it’s a means by which the government keeps track of their citizens making it easy to track them anytime any day.

How to enroll for NIN?

You can enroll anywhere across the country, in government-provided facilities, schools, churches, and even private sectors now take the national identification number enrollment as a business. So it is easy for you to enroll anywhere anytime.

How to check your NIN on your MTN mobile number?

To check your national identification number on your network service provider mtn. dail *346# on your mobile phone.

And you will get a pop-up on your screen saying welcome to NIMC user service. Kindly enter 1,2,3 to proceed or 0 to cancel.

  • Nin retrieval
  • Generate user id and opt
  • Virtual NIN

Then you choose the number 1 and you will get the information about the national identity number you seek. At a low cost of 20niara per SMS.

It is an easy and the simplest means to get your national identification number. If that fails you can also get your national identity number using the mtn mobile app.

Simply download, and register and you will be guided to get your national identity number.

The Nigerian government has made the national identification number registration mandatory.

And with time it will be used on every registration of any type across the country, both locally and internationally the national identity number is compulsory. So get yours today or if you have lost dial the code above, follow the steps and you will retrieve your national identity number easily with stress if it fails to try downloading your network provider mobile app and make use of it to get your national identity number.

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