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Welcome to IT Infrastructure management

Spangle is a new age IT Infrastructure management services delivering timely solutions enhancing operational excellence of your business. Our passion to transcend new boundaries has driven us to go that extra mile to bring a smile on our customer’s face. The purpose of our business is to cut down on duplication, maximize return on investment, to adhere to standards and compliance, to promote adaptability and interoperability. We offer a full ra

We offer a full range of IT system integration services and solutions partnering with subject matter experts in the field giving a competitive edge to our clients to achieve their business goals in style. Our services give our clients the confidence to venture into new territories giving them the opportunity to increase their revenue. We never compromise on efforts and values giving us the strength to exceed the expectations of our clients time and again. Our dedicated services can keep our clients rest assured of best customer experience.

Professional Services

Spangle Professional Services guides you through the design, implementation, and ongoing optimization of your Security solutions, helping to ensure a lasting return on your technology. Spangle provides a broad array of custom services as well as residency that help address key security needs and challenges. The experts of Spangle Professional Services help transform industry-leading technology into information security solutions that deliver value for our customers. We consistently achieve this goal.

Manage Security Services

Spangle work with our Subject Matter Experts to help our client in implementation for security technology with your strategy and objectives. We understands that in today’s business environment budgets and timelines are both being squeezed when implementing new technologies into your business. We also understand how difficult it is to get your staff trained in a timely manner on those new technologies. To help your team get up to speed quickly and in a cost effective way.

Configuration & Infra Audit

Spangle specializes in providing Configuration & Infra Audit for all security products, whilst taking into consideration participant’s knowledge and skills. We customize requirement as per customer requirment and scheduled around your commitments & other requirements. Customized audit will be more effective & beneficial to meet your exact objectives and it will be also less time spent by improving focus and relevance on areas outside their role.


With great experience and Technical Knowledge, Spangle security consulting team provides the specialized service, which covers entire Information Security. While, the main Service we offer is Vulnerability Assessment, Application Penetration Testing, Network Penetration Testing, Server Configuration Audit, Mobile Application & Penetration Testing, Forensics and our certified & experience team also provides services for ISO, PCI, HIPPA etc.


With great experience and Technical Knowledge

Project scoping and planning

Business process and system design

Management consulting and IT consulting

IT consulting skills

Project management support


With great experience and Technical Knowledge, Spangle Technology security consulting team provides the specialized service, which covers below services & technology. There are different reasons why consultants are called in:


Temporary help during a one-time project where the hiring of a permanent & employee