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CRB India

We are the Authorized Distributors of CRB Antriebstechnik established in the year 1998 started marketing CRB Brand in bearings from their headquarters located in Leverkusen, in the heart of Germany. They have successfully developed European Market so far. Now they are willing to serve their products in India as India being the most potential market for Bearings

CRB Antriebstechnik has specialized in the manufacturing of Slewing Bearings for more than 10 years, having manufacturing unit both in Germany & China & they produce the bearings in compliance with German standard quality. They also have worldwide Distribution set-up, one of them being CRB INDIA for developing Sales & Marketing Pan India.


Our company, is an Authorized Distributor (North India) of Polytron High Tech Lubricants manufactured in the USA. Each one of the lubricants contains revolutionary High-Tech proprietary package that is based on Micro-Metallurgical technology which converts (under heat and pressure generated by friction) metallic friction surfaces to significantly harder, long lasting and highly smooth surfaces, which translates into much lower friction and almost complete elimination of wear

These products are currently sold worldwide (through distributors) mainly to industrial - commercial, municipal and military customers, like trucking, mining, railroad, marine, power generation plants and variety of manufacturing plants, Outstanding performance track record for more than 19 years. You can have complete details with OEM certifications, product profiles, product analysis report, videos about the product performance, brochures etc on our website: www.polystrongindia.com Please note that there are no other products on the market today that come even close in performance and cost effectiveness to Polytron products as far as reducing operational cost of light and heavy equipment to the lowest level ever possible.

Our Products