Welcome to Vaculog

Using ancient technology in the most Advanced Way

Explore the endless amount of possibilities we bring to the table through a technology developed in 1799, and connect with us for any inquiries. Vaculog is here for you.

We have the experience and skills of bespoke solutions for practically any application in pnematic transportation of materials. We can give unique technical KNOW-HOW to meet your specification. Our pneumatically fast team consist of helpful, experienced and energetic towards work people.

We always love what we do and look forward to grab new oppertunities.

Benefits :

* Fast, dependable and exact transport empowered by advanced technology
* Safe, private and secure transportation and distribution.
* Cost effective system enabling automation
* Increased working hours and productivity since work force does not waste energy and time transporting things from one room to another

Installing Vaculog Pneumatic tube system (VPTS) will help you reduce cost and save time. We aim at eliminating the use of people to transport items that can travel in our carriers. Vaculog insures reliable, efficient and safe delivery of vital information and material at a speed of 20-25 feet per second.


In Hospitals

Vaculog Pneumatic tube systems is the most basic asset in hospitals with more than 200 beds..

Cash Systems

All areas which are accessible to the public such as banks, casinos, supermarkets,etc operate with large amountof cash.

Administration Systems

Business success varies from how fast the inetrnal organisation is and how fast there information is being processed and passed on to the relvant department.

Industrial use

There is one thing in common in all large scale industries be it in any sector that is the large area and long distance to be covered.