Want To Know About Satsangdhara RAMASHRAM SATSANG, MATHURA

This divine flow of spiritual knowledge and spiritual upliftment was started towards the beginning of the 20th century (1904-05) in Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India by Param Pujya Paramsant Mahatma Ramchandra ji Maharaj (popularly known in 'RSM' as Dada Guru Maharaj). It was continued by his disciple, Param Pujya Param Sant Dr Chaturbhuj Sahai ji Maharaj (our revered Guru Maharaj), in accordance with the wishes of and with the full blessings of his Guru. The flow was continued at Eta, Uttar Pradesh, where Guru Maharaj lived in the first half of the 20th century.
In 1930 Guru Maharaj established the Ramashram Satsang at Eta where the first Bhandara (spiritual congregation) was held under the blessings and divine presence of Dada Guru Maharaj. Guru Maharaj named the satsang after the name of his Guru. In October, 1951 Guru Maharaj shifted to Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Henceforth this satsang became known as Ramashram Satsang, Mathura (RSM).

'The world is ever changing. From time to time several enlightened souls graced this earth for showing the right path to mankind. They showed a new path keeping in view the time, place and circumstances. They uplifted hundreds. But with the passage of time the followers of these enlightened souls lost the real substance and got trapped in customs and traditions. Seeing this God sent a great enlightened soul on this earth again. This time this soul appeared on this earth in the form of a Sant, a Guru and after completing his work left the mortal body in August 1931, to go back to his own realm.

About Satsangdhara

Following is the detailed history of Ramashram Satsang, Mathura. It is based on the writings of Param Pujya Guru Maharaj, ..

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The technique of meditation taught and practiced in Ramashram Satsang,Mathura is simple and natural.

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There is a fixed Schedule of a satsang programme. It begins with two/three bhajans, followed by Pravachan..

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1 - Special Satsang on occasion of Avtaran Divas of Param Pujya Panditji Maharaj in Tundla

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